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Pre cut corners

No more needing to figure out how to cut a mitred corner. It’s already cut for you. No need to purchase a mitre block or mitre saw.

We offer both inside and outside pre-cut mitred corners. Less hassle, less waste, and a lot less time. Each pack includes a left and right mitred corner which are approximately 25 cm in length.

If we do not have the Cornice you require, don’t worry, we will manufacture it for you!!

The difference between XPS and EPS

XPS (Extruded polystyrene) and EPS (Expanded polystyrene) refers to the type of polystyrene that is used to manufacture  cornices from. Most of our cornices are manufactured from XPS polystyrene

XPS has a smooth finish, has a high density, and is the default material we use to manufacture from. EPS has a slightly rougher appearance, is less dense, and is slightly cheaper than XPS. EPS cornices are manufactured on request.

The images below show the difference between the two types, unpainted and painted. The XPS is considered a premium range and the EPS is an economy range, but both carry our seal of approval. Be sure to specify whether you are purchasing XPS or EPS products. If you are unsure, feel free to contact us.